Paying Your Own Bail

how to post your own bail to get out of jail

When you find yourself caught up in the legal system with a large price between you and your freedom, you are left with only a few options. You can stay in jail during your trial, you can choose to pay your bail yourself, or you can seek the help of a bonding agency to cover it for you. Finding the best option depends on your financial standings and what is best for you.

Paying Bail Vs. Bail Bonds
Following an arrest, a judge will set bail. The price of this surety will vary depending on the defendant’s financial circumstances. The law requires that everyone’s bail be fair, although that does not mean that it must be affordable for every person.

The time may come when you are faced with a bail amount that you can afford. The logical step may be to pay the court yourself out of pocket, but it may not be the best option. When you are jumping through the legal system’s hoops, there are many fees you may encounter along the way. These include lawyer fees, transportation fees, and so on.

The court will not return the money you put down for bail until they conclude your case. This means you may have a difficult time affording all the other fees associated with the court. In return, this can put unneeded stress on you, which can negatively affect your court appearances and land you in deeper water than where you started.

When you go through a bonding agency, you only have to put down a small percentage of your original bail. In the majority of cases, this fee is 10% of the court ordered cost. So, a $10,000 bond would cost you only $1,000. That works out to saving you 90% of your money that you can use to defend yourself in court, as well as cover any other fees that may pop up along the way.

However, unlike the court’s bail system, the bonding agency’s fee is non-refundable. So, you will get to keep the majority of your money and your freedom while the trial continues, but at a small loss. While on the other hand, you could cover the bail yourself, but be out all that money until the trial ends. There is a trade off when choosing one over the other, but when it comes to using your fund effectively, going through a bonding agency may be your best option.

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