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Since The Bail Pro's have been in business for more than 10 years, we are the industry professionals you can depend on. As opposed to anxiously searching through sites and business listings, or finding a company and just getting put on hold, one of our professional bail bondsman will find all of the important information for you.

Next, rather than playing games, one of our partners will clearly explain all of the terms upfront, using terminology that you comprehend. This method is developed to help you understand every single thing that this process entails. All of our partners want to see to it that they treat all clients the same way they would want to be dealt with if the shoe was on the other foot.

suspicion of driving under the influence leads to a test

hoping to get out of jail can save your life

When you begin the process of looking for bail bonds services in Mount Airy, NC, you will quickly see how much different every company is. If you are trying to find the quickest service around, we are here to help!

With unrivaled personal attention, our expert agents know all the rules and regulations in these regional facilities. We will not waste any time. Actually, we will get right to work so that whoever is in jail can get out and on with their life. As a result of this, we routinely execute pretrial release procedures noticeably faster than any other game in the area.

Right after you, your friend or your relative is released, we do much more than provide reminders about court hearings. Just like we're always around to get you out of jail, we are also always there to respond to any inquiries you may have. We are always around to assist with anything that you and your friends need. For urgent assistance, please call (336) 203-0715.

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Whenever it involves assisting you as much as possible right before the trial, the matter of efficiency is crucial. Whenever you team up with one of our trained professionals, this means that you get rapid results with no errors and no surprises. This explains why The Bail Pro's value efficiency as our number 1 core value. It's safe to say that usually, the best method to get out of lockup in North Carolina is to use a bail bondsman. This takes into account the best interest of society and the suspect. As anticipated, there are some exceptions for cases that pertain to weapons or narcotic selling.

Right after looking at the legal case, the judge has the power to release suspects in one of a number of various ways. The judge has the last say on whether to free the accused on their own or not. Instead, the judge might just decide that the individual should be released into the custody of another person, like a company or a person. If you find yourself in jail for a small issue and are not going up against any major charges, you may have the chance to get out by paying for a piece of the note in cash. This commonly applies to low-risk cases where the accused is not a flight risk. You will still be responsible to appear at court and will more than likely be on probation.

Depending upon the location and where the apprehension happened, the judge may consult a PSA (Public Safety Assessment) report before establishing the amount. In just a couple brief moments, the judge can determine the preliminary amount and type of the note. After being let out, that individual may be expected to put on an electronic monitoring device until the trial.

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It hard times like this knowledge and expertise can be the difference between someone getting out today or waiting when they didn't have to. Our crew is made up of seasoned specialists to guarantee the best possible service.

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All of us need to be able to rely on somebody when difficult times like this develop. Perhaps this is your very first offense, or possibly this is something you've experienced before. Either way, we've got you covered!

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We will get straight to the point and move quickly after that first telephone call. The moment our first dialogue ends, we will promptly contact the proper authorities to free that person.

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Bear in mind that it's the state that sets the all of the mandatory fees. Regrettably, some providers continue to raise the costs because most people aren't familiar with this. To be as upfront as possible, we will explain our "honest fee" policy.

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Choose The Most Respected Bail Bond Agency In The Industry

From the initial time you call us until the final time you speak to us, we guarantee that you will always work with a qualified specialist. In addition to employing the best professionals in the area, we invest in state of the art tools and continuous training, to be sure that all of our bondsman have the resources they need to get the job done correctly! This type of knowledge also guarantees that our specialists know all the written and mysterious rules at all of the regional facilities.

So, you can take comfort in knowing that we will always follow all of the rules and do things the right way. By doing this, we can guarantee that we firmly follow all procedures to do an outstanding job for you! While other companies are quick to get your money and make you sign contracts you may not fully understand, we carefully go over all agreements so you understand what we'll do for you and what we require you to do. This kind of open communication is important to us.

Actually, it is our firm's 2nd core value. From the time of the release up until the initial court date, we've got your back. We make it a point to keep you informed about each one of the critical events pertaining to your case. In addition, our front door is open for you, any time you have a case-related inquiry.

Our business's number three core value is pride. Everybody who works for The Bail Pro's is hand picked and tremendously proud to be a member of an association that helps so many different people. If you have ever explored one of our offices in the past, or know someone who has, you can see how crazy we are about delivering the best bail bonds services and support. This is obvious in every little thing we do. We provide the cleanest facilities, only employ the best of the best and we always do what we can to assist you.

Last of all, our business policy is to only work with local service providers. By doing this, we can make sure that anyone who gets assigned to your case understands every little thing about your location. You can take comfort in knowing that all of our experts have worked in NC for quite a while. We will never employ or work with anyone that is not completely certified to work in your region! Even though we only hire local, we still have a vast array of knowledge and useful resources available to you. Thus, the sooner you contact us, the quicker we will be able to start working for you. Make the proper choice and contact us right now. We are constantly here to assist.

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Why Go With The Bail Pros in Mount Airy, North Carolina

During our initial chat, our team will ask you a handful of questions to gather up information. We will inquire about the charges, the bail amount and if you have any cash readily available. Do not be scared if you can not answer all of these right away. These questions are essential in establishing how quickly and efficiently we can help you or your loved one out.

Once we receive your answers, we may need to ask some additional questions. Our team has identified that this is the best method to get cases solved ASAP. The more info we can secure, the quicker we can get to work.

Our guarantee to you is that we will always be genuine, polite and respectful. Just as important, we will never cast judgement on any person who has been charged with a crime. In our 10 plus years in business, we have helped thousands of good people who have happened to get into a tiny bit of trouble. Sadly, sometimes these things come about. Fortunately, we are here to help! We will happily answer any questions or worries you have.

Our crew has a complete understanding of the legal system as well as the bond procedures. Our firm can also provide attorneys to take on your case for an affordable fee. Please know that in most circumstances, getting apprehended does not mean that life is over. If you are innocent or guilty of a minor crime, there is no need to stress. Any type of arrest can be one of the most complicated times in anyone's life. This is why we advise you to get in touch with us immediately at (336) 203-0715 so that we can do our best to alleviate all of your fears and problems.

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