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For over a decade, The Bail Pro's have been devoted to making distressing times a little easier to deal with. If you or another person you know is in trouble and you all of a sudden find yourself performing Google searches for help, search no more.

We can supply you with all of the relevant information you need and one of our bail bondsman will locate your loved one and figure out what they are being charged with. When you call us, we will describe everything in detail. We will make sure that you comprehend how everything works before we continue. We will not proceed until we are absolutely certain that you fully understand every detail. We will accomplish this by going through the entire process, piece by piece.

All of our partners want to guarantee that they treat all customers the same way they would want to be treated if the shoe was on the other foot.

man being unexpectedly arrested

getting locked up after an unexpected arrest

When hunting for bail bonds services in Mooresville, NC, you will find that not every organization is the same. If you are looking for the most effective service around, we are here to assist! Always displaying the highest level of personal attention, our well-qualified agents are extremely aware of the many rules and regulations that are in place.

Acting swiftly, we will begin the process of getting that person out of jail and on with their life. Our expertise in this business allows us to move fast with pretrial release procedures. This means we can get you out more quickly than any other firm! Shortly after you, your friend or your family member is released, we do considerably more than send reminders about court dates.

Just like we're always available to get you out of jail, we are also always there to address any inquiries you may have. Remember, we are here to help you and your relatives in your time of need. To talk with someone right now, please call (704) 228-0984.

Talk To A NC Bail Bondsman For Guidance

Our company knows that the most essential component of pretrial release services is efficiency. Our clients count on and always receive quick results when they are dealing with somebody on our staff.

We also make sure to be open and clear throughout the entire process, so there will be no surprises. This is why we claim that at The Bail Pro's, our number one core value is efficiency. It is safe to say that in most cases, the best option to get out of lockup in North Carolina is to employ a bail bondsman. This takes into consideration the best interest of the general public and the suspect.

As expected, there are some exceptions for cases that pertain to firearms or narcotic trafficking. When considering your case, the judge is the only one who releases the accused. He or she can do this by using a wide array of approaches. A judge can agree to discharge the suspect on their own recognizance.

Additionally, the accused can be released into the custody of either another person or an agency. The judge can even decide to discharge somebody upon receipt of a cash deposit (percentage of the total cost), or if the whole amount of the note is paid. Typically, the judge will read a bunch of legal reports, like PSA's, in order to help calculate the bond amount. Normally, it only takes a few short moments for the judge to announce the type and amount. After being let out, that particular person may be required to wear an ankle bracelet until the hearing.

photo of brand new, shiny handcuffs

photo showing you how to spend time in jail


We have eliminated the fluff to make sure we move fast from the second you call us. The second our first talk ends, we will promptly contact the proper authorities to free that person.

view from inside a judge's office


This is just one of those times in life when know-how and expertise are highly effective; they can have a huge effect on how quickly someone can be discharged. It gives us great pleasure to say that our team is structured with well-qualified pros, who always provide great support.

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While the fees are set by the state, not specific agencies, some will still try to monetize a person's lack of knowledge. To put your mind at ease, our "honest fee" policy guarantees that you will know about every expense and the cause for it.

our employee jane running a meeting


We all need somebody we can trust, particularly during tough times. Maybe this is your first offense, or maybe this is something you've experienced before. Either way, we've got you covered!

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Employ The Most Dependable Bail Bond Service Company

From the initial contact to the last signature, you will constantly work with someone who has participated in thousands of jail releases. Not only do we deal with the leading professionals in the area, we frequently instruct them.

This helps us to ensure that all of our bondsman are the best choice for any situation. These training courses supply our agents with a lot of info. Everyone you consult with will know all of the policies and regulations at any local facility. Therefore, you can bask in knowing that we will always adhere to all of the rules and do things by the books. This way, we can guarantee that we firmly follow all procedures to do an excellent job for you!

The sad thing is, there are some companies out there that are too quick to simply take your money. Immediately after you sign their forms, they aren't worried if you totally comprehend the process or not. Our company will extensively go through every detail with you to make sure that you comprehend how the process works.

We will never make you sign any forms until you are prepared. This is what we explain as our number 2 core value; open communication. With us, you will never have to worry about case specifics. We are consistently on top of it and we will let you know what is going on every step of the way, from the time of release all the way to the final resolution. Please keep in mind that we are always around if you need to connect with us. We are willing to respond to concerns you may have or supply you with any additional info.

Our company's 3rd core value is pride. Our firm is extremely proud to service your area and everyone on our staff considers it a privilege to be able to cater to you! Our pride is visible in all that we do, from the neatness of our large and well-lit offices to the professionalism of all of our bail bonds experts, to the way we are constantly trying to find ways to assist you.

Last but not least, our company policy is to only work with local experts. This way we can guarantee that anyone who gets appointed to your case understands every single thing about your area. We constantly want you to be aware that we are not just an extension of some massive corporation that operates out of the state.

Every one of our employees and associates have resided and worked in NC for many years. Even though we only hire locally, we still have a wide variety of knowledge and resources readily available to you. Thus, the faster you call us, the faster we will have the chance to start working for you. Make the appropriate choice and contact us today. We are always here to help.

why you can trust us for help with your bail needs

Why Hire The Bail Pros in Mooresville, North Caroline

The minute you reach out to us, we will initially need to collect some information from you. We will need to know what the charges are, how much the bond is and how much cash you have available. Giving these answers will help us to determine how fast we can get that particular person out of jail. At times, we may need to ask extra questions.

This ordinarily happens with some of the more complex cases. The more information we obtain, the quicker we can help you out! We do this to make sure we have a full understanding of all of the essential details about your case. This will help us get it fixed as fast as humanly possible.

When partnering with us, you will discover that we always treat everyone with dignity and respect. We strive to make sure all parties are comfortable and that not a single person is judged for any charge. We fully understand that things happen; sometimes to good, hardworking people. Our firm's job is to deliver as much expertise and guidance as possible. When you need assistance or are trying to find more information, we are here to answer any questions or concerns. Thus, if you are searching for the right company that comprehends the law and the bond processes, look no further!

Our company can also supply you with the names of highly regarded lawyers in your area who can help with your case. Please know that in most circumstances, getting apprehended does not mean that life is over. If you are innocent or guilty of a small unlawful act, there is no need to worry. This could be a shocking time for you and your relatives. This is why we make the effort to get you out of jail and on with your life as quickly as humanly possible. Contact us at (704) 228-0984 right now if you need urgent help.

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