Are Bail Bonds Affordable

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Are Bail Bonds Affordable??

Prior to paying for a bail bond, you might ask yourself if they are affordable. A lot of the times, judges set bail at a rather high price. This is usually more than most people can manage to pay for in one sum. No one wants to go to jail, or see their loved ones locked away. Most people would rather pay to be free. So, what do you do if you just do not have the money? You consider the alternative: paying a bail bondsman to cover the cost. However, you might ask yourself, are bail bonds affordable to you?

Before getting into bonds, it is important to understand how bail works. When the law accuses people of a crime and places them under arrest, police escort them to jail. The reason the police put them in jail is to secure them and ensure they go to court until they are either convicted or exonerated. While in the possession of the government, the defendant cannot flee or pose any harm to society.

If a judge decides that the arrested person does not pose a threat to anyone, and is not going to try to outrun the law, they will grant him or her bail. If a defendant can afford the bail, the court will stage their release until their trial ends. It works as an investment into freedom. The defendant pays a large sum of money as a type of security deposit, affirming that any attempt to break the agreement means they forfeit the investment and their freedom. When the trial ends, they will get every cent of the money back.

When you cannot afford your bail, your second option is a bondsman. They will cover the cost set by the court, but for a fee, which is always a percentage of the bail. This fee will vary from agency to agency. In some states, the law limits the fee a bonding company can charge to a certain amount. In most cases, you can expect to pay them ten percent. With the use of simple mathematics, you can deduct what you will be paying the agency to cover the cost. For example, if the bail is $1,000, you would pay only $100.

If you apply this percentage to the court issued bail amount, you can gauge whether or not it is affordable. If it is your bail and you do not have the money, a member of your family or a friend can pay or help pay it as well. In most cases, you will need to have a co-signer to back up your financial obligations.

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